Frequently asked questions

  • I am not sure which appointment I need to choose? - For your first appointment please always choose 'new patient assessment', these are provided by Dr Sasha Hvidsten (for under 18 year olds). We think it's important for you to see a psychiatrist at the start of your patient journey. You can choose to be seen remotely or in person. For adult patients please book an appointment with Dr Afsaneh Ramez or Dr Nasser. 


  • Do I need to bring anything to the first appointment? No, you only need to come along with the young person / adult. We ask that children under 16 do not attend on their own. If there is paperwork you want to bring with you, then please do, but this is not necessary. Alternatively you can email information to us prior to the appointment, if you wish.


  • How long does the first appointment last? This takes unto 1 hour. You will receive a report of this appointment, 15 working days later or less. 


  • Does my child have to come to their appointment? It is very difficult for us to make a proper assessment of your child / young adult if they are not able to attend. Please consider booking an online appointment if you think this might be easier for them to engage with this.


  • Once I have my diagnosis, why do I have to keep having appointments with your team? If we have not prescribed medication for you, perhaps only completing an assessment, then you don't need to see us again. If we have prescribed medication then we need to see you for regular review and follow up appointments. At the age of 18 your GP may agree to take over this, but a proper handover would be arranged at the time.


  • I have been told to make a follow up appointment but I can't find one soon enough. If this occurs - please contact the office directly ( and we will try and arrange this for you. But please try and remember to book your follow up appointments as soon as they are agreed, to save disappointment. The clinic is very busy.


  • I need to cancel my appointment, what do I do? There is a cancellation policy and a full refund is issued if cancelled 48 hours ahead of the appointment time. You can do this by email at


  • I think I have got ADHD, why do I need to see the doctor first. Why cant I just have the ADHD test? A comprehensive first appointment is necessary prior to any testing. This is to make sure we are thorough and nothing is missed. Sometimes a different diagnosis may be relevant and this needs to be discussed before any testing can be agreed. We often find that families have tried to research and learn about a diagnosis ahead of their appointment. There are many information sources on the internet, but not all of them are accurate. Sometimes it may be that the wrong diagnosis is being considered. This is why we always start with a psychiatric assessment, to help guide your treatment from the very start. 
  • How much is the first appointment? For a new patient / first appointment with a psychiatrist, this is £500. Other appointment and assessment costs are listed on the prices page. 


We are proud to partner with TreeApp. Every time you book an appointment, we plant a tree.

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