We currently have 3 vacancies


Please contact clinical director Dr Sasha Hvidsten to discuss -

1. Consultant in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 

2. Consultant adult psychiatrist with an interest in neurodevelopmental conditions.

3. Educational psychologist 

Our multidisciplinary team is constantly growing. All of our staff are experienced in the assessment and management of neuro-developmental conditions. 

We carry out ADHD and Autism assessments across the lifespan and also provide medication follow-up appointments and general psychiatric services. Our nursing, OT, Speech and language and Clinical Psychology colleagues are able to offer evidence-based interventions, and we also offer post-diagnostic support to patients and their families, including seminars.

All of our assessments are multidisciplinary, as recommended by NICE guidelines and involve two clinicians, usually a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist and a nurse specialist / OT / Psychologist. School information and screening questionnaires are obtained in advance in order to ensure that we have multisource feedback about the child’s difficulties.

We are also actively involved in teaching and training colleagues and schools. We have availability for 2 part-time posts and there is a high degree of flexibility afforded by these roles.  Applicants should have knowledge and experience of neuro-developmental conditions.

Applicants should have Full Registration with the GMC, hold membership with the MRCPsych UK or equivalent postgraduate qualification and hold a valid licence to practise. They should be on the Specialist Register for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry for the child post and equivalent for the adult post. 



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