Catherine Mullaney

Catherine Mullaney


Speech and language therapist - child and teen only

I am a paediatric Speech and Language Therapist, mum-of-three and owner of two scruffy toy poodles. I am absolutely passionate about communication in all its forms and believe that the ability to understand and be understood is key to our human connectivity and happiness. I have seven years of experience in the NHS where I specialised in early years, working closely with parents and early years staff to enable them to maximise children’s communication and learning potential. I have worked in a collaborative role with the National Literacy Trust, training education practitioners to work with parents of very young children, and am a trained Communication Champion in my local area.

In more recent years I have worked providing autism assessment and autism-affirming therapeutic provision alongside my Speech and Language role for an independent company. Having both personal and professional experience of neurodivergence, I am a strong advocate of embracing and facilitating neurodiversity in all its forms and across all settings.

My work has offered me an invaluable insight into the role that trauma and adverse childhood experiences can play in impacting the communication and learning development of the individual. I therefore believe that working collaboratively with other health professionals is essential to providing a comprehensive and effective therapeutic service with the child and their family at the heart of the process.

I am not ashamed to say that Speech and Language Therapy and communication is my first passion, closely followed by travelling to exciting and different places (and trying to learn the languages!). I also love interior design, growing veg and snuggling up with my poodles and a good book.


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